Safari embraces HTML5 video with DRM, touts longer Netflix streaming


Netflix (s NFLX) made a cameo appearance during Apple’s (S AAPL) WWDC keynote Monday, with Apple SVP Craig Federighi telling the crowd that the company’s Safari browser is going to be able to play HD Netflix streams without the need to download any plugins in the newly-announced OS X Yosemite. That’s not only less complicated, but also saves up to two hours of battery life when run on a Macbook Air, according to Federighi.

This achievement has been been made possible because Apple has implemented the ability to play video protected with DRM, which Netflix is required to use due to its contracts with rights holders, in this new version of Safari.

Netflix engineers Anthony Park and Mark Watson explained on the company’s tech blog Tuesday that the playback relies on three emerging HTML5 video standards, dubbed the Media Source Extension, the Encrypted Media Extension and the Web Cryptography…

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