New data on “6-strikes” copyright system says 3% of alleged pirates had internet speed reduced


Internet service providers sent 1.3 million copyright warnings to subscribers in 2013, but only took steps to punish a small percentage of those by slowing down their connections.

Those findings are part of a new report that shines light on a controversial 6-strike enforcement process that was created last year as result of a private partnership between big studios and five large ISP’s (AT&T(s t), Cablevision, Comcast(s cmcsa), Verizon(s vz) and Time Warner Cable(s twc)). It involves the internet providers taking a series of escalating measures against alleged copyright infringers.

The process begins with two simple warning notices, followed by two more notices that require an acknowledgment, and then two “mitigation” measures — which involve the ISP redirecting the subscribers’ homepage and slowing down their internet connection.

Until now, few details have been available about how many people were affected and how the system has worked in practice. Here are some highlights from the report, which covers 10…

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