Film Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Peanuts and Popcorn


Clashing Cultures to Change their Fate

In X-Men Days of Future Past, New York City is not blown up or destroyed. Well, that’s not entirely true. For a brief opening scene, Patrick Stewart, returning to the franchise as Charles Xavier, narrates over images of worldwide destruction by unbeatable and oppressive robots called Sentinels, which have necessarily made a sinister mess of New York City. The highly adaptive metal armies have killed many mutants and their human supporters. But the fact that we don’t witness this transformation of skyline into dimly lit rubble is a minor achievement. Comic book movie audiences have become so saturated with Manhattan being used as a ragdoll lately. That midtown desolation is only implied here indicates an encouraging progression for the million more Marvel movies to come.

But the X-Men movies have always distinguished themselves from the other Marvel ventures because of their focus on…

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